Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"Hey There! Get your 160 zCoins from RewardVille" Scam on Facebook

Rewardville is just been in its beta phase and everyone is focussed on getting zCoins and zPoints.And while trying to get zCoins,people and getting scammed(as they dont receive zCoins) and further they spam the post.Its just started in March 2011.

Recently I get a post on my updates stating "Hey There! Get your 160 zCoins from RewardVille now".Everyone one will be tempted to try this and when you click on the link you will be redirected to a fan page.

Get 160 zCoins scam

When you click YES,you will be asked to post this.Once you post this it be published on your friends wall and hence the spam spreads.Once you post this you will be taken to the page below

When you "Click here accept" you are taken to a page where you asked to complete a survey or complete an offer to proceed further.You wont receive anything completing your survey.Make sure to check the Rewardville site for promotions and dont fall prey to such scams.Share this to make your friends aware of this scam.

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