Monday, March 21, 2011

How to get zCoins,zPoints in Rewardville

Rewardville,latest addtion by Zynga to reward players for playing Zynga games .You can get zCoins and zPoints using Rewardville. zCoins are helpful to buy certain items and zPoints are similar to Experience that helps you level up. If you have not joined rewardville,Join now to get advantages like getting rewards,points and coins.

Now if you have joined Rewardville,the next step that comes to your mind is how do I get coins and points.Heres a little help to get zCoins and zPoints on Rewardville.

1. Mystery Gifts
Rewardville permits you to open 8 mystery gifts for a day.This Mystery gifts may contain upto 100 zPoints.Make sure you send some gifts to others too.

Mystery Gifts
2. Facebook Feed
Click on "Get Reward" when Zynga feeds appear on your wall.You get 5 zPoints when you click a single feed.But getting zPoints from feeds is limited as you can get points from 8 Facebook feeds.Remeber you dont miss out on these feeds.
Rewardville Invite Gang

3. Share with your gang
Follow all the steps mentioned above and immediategy get 20zCoins.

4. Playing Zynga games Daily
Playing Zynga gaes daily can get you zPoints everyday.But there is a limit on zPoints you earn.You can get 80 zPoints daily for each Zynga game you play and the highest you can earn from all Zynga games is 300 zPoints.

This are all easy ways to get zCoins and zPoints in Rewardville.Share this if you find it helpful.Also share if you have any other tips so that we can post here. 


maria said...

how do i join rewardville? i play farmville and cityville everyday, all the time but i dont get any zpoints :(

Admin said...

Click on Join Now and you can visit the page.Use your Facebook to Login

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