Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tips to get Cityville Cash,Coins,Cityville Energy and Goods

The first way to get Cityville Cash,Coins and other stuff is directly buying from the Zynga.Here are the other methods that are free and helped me level up in Cityville.

Completing Cityville goals 
The first thing to need to look upon is to keep your citiwens happy.The first step in doing this is by completing the goals assigned to you.The second way is by raising the community buildings.Once you complete the goals you can receive Cityville Cash,Cityville Energy or Goods.
Use of CityVille coins and cash.
You need Cityville Cash and Coins to expand your City.Try buiding you City huge with a good population.Set up more franchises so that you get more Cityville coins from collecting from the franchises.

Getting Cityville Coins,Goods and Energy
If you are out of goods or need coins or Energy,you can visit your neighbours.For visiting you neighbours you get +1 energy.And If you send tour buses to your neighbours you receive coins and if you need goods harvest your neighbours crops.If you dont have enough neighbours,read this article to get Cityville neighbours

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