Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Guide Cityville Neighbor Visits

You can ask neighbours for specific help in your city.Place hearts so your neighbours know what you need.You can ask your neighbours for harvesting crops,reviving crops,watering crops,collecting rent,sending tour buses,collecting from business.
The love thy neighbour feature is available to players with level 10 or more.You can check which neighbour need your help by checking the hearts icon in their city.

How to request help from your neighbours.
1. Click on the arrow in the Cityville Control Panel to see the Tool menu.Click on the Get Help icon and mark items where you need help.

2.Using this tool you can ask your neighbours to
Water crops,harvest crops and revive crops.
Guide ships,Unload shipments and Unspoil shipments.
Collect rent for residence.
Add business to mastery progress.
Chop/Cut trees.
Build residences,businesses and community buildings under construction. 

3. Click on the item you need help from your neighbour with the Get help tool.A heart icon will appear on the item after you select it.

The number of items you can request help with is tied to your reputation level. The higher your reputation, the more items.

Hearts will fade out after you exit the Request Help tool, but will reappear if you reselect the Request Help tool.

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