Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rusty's Challenge or Hit the High Seas

Help Rusty by making him rule the seas.Complete all the tasks to unlocks new items in your City and increase your chances to level up your city and get more coins and cash.Below are all the challenges you need to complete      

1) Rusty's Challenge
- Need to visit 10 neighbors of your City.
- Send and Receive 5 Cargo boats.(Not the cruise ships)
- Get 2 votes (Post on your friends wall)
Reward: Spinach Crop unlocked (Harvest in 5 hours,makes 54 goods)

Rusty's Challenge
2) Cruise Control
- Collect from City Dojo 8 times.
- Harvest 40 Spinach 
- Ask Friends for 3 racing flags (Post on your friends wall)
Reward: Dragon Boat unlocked (You can find it  in the Shipping menu)

3)See Food Training
- Send & Receive 10 trains 
- Have 2 crabs (Surf & Turf collection: Seafood Restaurant, Tower Eats)
- Have 1 lobster (Surf & Turf collection: Seafood Restaurant, Tower Eats)
Reward: Boat Shop business unlocked (makes 770 coins, deliver 140 goods)

4) Ready? Set? Race!
- Send & Receive 20 San Francisco supply.
- Send & Receive 4 cruise boats.
- Have 2 sports drinks (from Fitness Collection: Bike Shop, Extreme Sports, Sporting Goods, Boat Shop)
Reward: Hong Kong Haul shipping route unlocked (6 hours, 70 goods)

5) New Friends in China
- Harvest 30 eggplant
- Collect from 4 noodle shops.
- Ask for 5 chinese kites (Post on your friends wall)
Reward: Export Port unlocked

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