Saturday, June 11, 2011

Guide to Bridge Building

Cityville allows you to build bridges in your City.You need a minimum of 5000 population in your city to palce a bridge in your city.If you have an city expansion to your river,you will be able to place the bridge.(The placement tool will go green).

Benefits of Building bridge in Cityville
• Once you complete you can build on other side of the river.
• You get a reward for completing the task.
• You get a free expansion on other side.

Guide to Building Bridge 

1. Place the bridge

Click on the "Place" button and placement tool will help you,you must place your bridge on the ground. 

2. Gather Materials
Once you have completed placing your bridge,you need to gather materials for building bridge.You may either get them by asking your Cityville neighbours or buy using Cityville Cash.

3. Build your Bridge 
Click on build and you can see the progress.

After you have completed the bridge, you will be rewarded a free expansion on the other side of the river. 

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