Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Emergency Clinic Renovation

To build up the health of your citizens,CityVillle allows you to upgrade your Emergency Clinic.An upgraded Emergency Clinic helps you increase your Population limit,get more energy  and a chance get ribbons when you collect from Upgraded Emergency Clinic.

Benefits of Upgrading Emergency Clinic
• Increase Population Limit.
• More coins and energy while collecting.
• Ribbons when you collecting.
• Improvised look.

Upgrade Emergency Clinic to Level 2

You will have the option to upgrade your Emergency Clinic when your city has a population of 750.You will see an arrow asking to upgrade to level 2.

For upgrading you will require a total of 12 members.Once you have upgraded to level 2,you can get 300 population,get more coins while collecting and a chance to get ribbons while collecting. 

Upgrade Emergency Clinic to Level 3
To upgrade your Emergency Clinic to level 3, you need to have a population of 2300.You will need 3 additional crew members in addition to the 12 to upgrade emergency clinic to level 3.

Once you upgrade to level 3 you can have 550 population.So hurry and upgrade you emergency clinic to level 3. 

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