Friday, May 20, 2011

CityVille Guide to Upgrade Bakery

You can now upgrade your bakery by collecting and supplying goods.With each level upgrade you will get more coins when you collect from your bakery.The highest level you can get is level 3.
How to Upgrade Bakery in CityVille

You will see an upgrade icon on top of your bakery.Once you have the business built, you can hover over it to see your current Upgrade Progress.There are a few ways upgrade your bakery like you need crew members for community buildings.

You can upgrade your bakery using this methods :

• When you supply goods to your bakery,you get +1 to your business upgrade process.
• You get +10 for every crew member you add to your bakery to upgrade process (+20 at level 2).
• You can buy +1 to Bakery upgrade process for 2 Cash.
• You gain +1 to upgrade process for every tour bus you send to your neighbours bakery.

You can see your progress while hovering the mouse cursor over your bakery.

Once your bakery is ready to upgrade, you'll see a hammer icon over your bakery.

After your bakery is upgraded to level 2,you can see 2 stars on top of your bakery.

Continue doing all steps to get to level 3 to get more benefits from your bakery.You can supply more goods and get more coins when you collect from level 3 bakery.

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